Transactional real estate law

We handle all types of real estate transactions, from the simplest to the most complex, at all levels and in all sectors of activity.

We offer a broad range of transactional real estate law services, including drafting the following:

  • Agreements (letters of intent, promises to purchase and preliminary contracts, options to purchase and rights of first refusal);
  • Deeds of sale (residential, commercial and industrial properties, real estate portfolios, commercial and office complexes, etc.);
  • Deeds of assignment, donation and exchange;
  • Deeds of servitude and superficiary property;
  • Commercial leases;
  • Deeds of voluntary giving in payment;
  • Deeds of assignment of claims.

Real estate financing

Financing being the basis of any project, we assist our clients in organizing and concluding the financing of their real estate and business projects with both institutional and private lenders. For residential, commercial, institutional or industrial projects, our clients know they can rely on our knowledge and expertise.

Our broad range of financing services include drafting and reviewing the following documents:

  • Loan agreements;
  • Hypothecary and real estate contracts;
  • Subordination agreements;
  • Ancillary agreements (suretyship, environmental indemnity agreements, etc.);
  • Corporate opinions;
  • Land register and movable searches;
  • Title reports.

Condominium law

Divided co-ownership is a growing form of ownership. We carry out a multitude of condominium law mandates, and have contributed our expertise on several large-scale projects in Montreal and the surrounding areas.

Our comprehensive condominium law services include assisting our clients with and drafting the following:

  • Choice of the appropriate legal structure for a project;
  • Preliminary contracts, additional clauses, and information notices and annexes;
  • Other documents required for the establishment of the co-ownership;
  • Condominium declarations and servitudes;
  • Modifications (phased projects);
  • Initial declarations of co-ownership and concomitant declarations of co-ownership;
  • Necessary resolutions;
  • Registration of the co-owners’ syndicate;
  • Sale of the private portions.

Title examination

Our title examination services cover all the steps required to ensure a good understanding of title. We provide the following services:

  • Land register and other searches;
  • Analysis of relevant deeds;
  • Consultation of cadastral plans;
  • Title reports and certification;
  • Verification of the certificate of location;
  • Corrective deeds, if needed.