LCB offers its services Pro Bono to Mission Old Brewery

Our involvement

LCB offers its services Pro Bono to Mission Old Brewery

LEROUX CÔTÉ BURROGANO is proud to have acted as legal counsel and instrumenting notary for Mission Old Brewery during the purchase of immovables which will give the opportunity to many people who are in a state of homelessness to benefit from housing.

Within the framework of the Rapid Housing Initiative of the Government of Canada, certain amounts were paid to cities, including the City of Montreal, in order to finance affordable housing units for vulnerable Canadians.  The Mission was able to benefit from sums in virtue of the program and purchase immovables in the heart of the island of Montreal in order to convert them into housing units.

LEROUX CÔTÉ BURROGANO committed to acting pro bono in the context of these transactions and gave all of the sums received to Mission Old Brewery in order to support in its own way the Mission’s goal to assist people facing homelessness and to end chronic homelessness.

Mission Old Brewery was founded at the end of the XIXth century serving hot meals to people in need.  Since then, the Mission has adapted to the needs of Montrealers and offers a wide variety of services to homeless persons, including emergency services such as food and shelter, but also reintegration programs, mental health services and housing assistance.